Café de Coral

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Contents 目錄 1
About Café de Coral Group 關於大家樂集團 2
Sustainability Governance under the Leadership of the Board of Directors 董事局帶領的可持續發展管治 3
Our Approach to Sustainability 我們的可持續發展措施 6
Report from the Management Board 管理局報告 10
Total Customer Satisfaction 全面顧客滿意度 12
Focus on People 關顧員工 28
Investing in our Community 回饋社會 46
Resource Optimisation 資源優化 62
About this Report 關於本報告 80
Awards and Recognitions 獎項及榮譽 82
Appendix I - Guiding Policies, Management Approach and Relevant Laws and Regulations 附錄 I – 主導政策、管理方法及相關法律及規例 84
Appendix II – HKEX ESG Reporting Guide Index 附錄 II – 香港聯交所環境、社會及管治報告指引索引 87
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