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5 March 2019

Café de Coral Group’s Community Spring Feast 2019
Kick-off Ceremony cum the First Community Spring Feast

Benefits 1,500 grassroots in 38 sessions of Poon-Choi Feast to spread love and positivity, and Advocates “Ka-Lok Spirit” by sharing heartwarming stories of “Ka Lok” in Hong Kong

Café de Coral Holdings Limited (SEHK: 0341), under its corporate social responsibility programme – Café de Coral Twinkle Action, once again joins hands with the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) and Food Grace to launch “Community Spring Feast 2019”, treating 1,500 beneficiaries during the 38 sessions of Spring Feasts in the subsidiary outlets of the Group from February 13 to March 23, 2019. The Group staged the “Community Spring Feast 2019 Kick-off Ceremony cum the first Community Spring Feast” in the Festiva, JP Plaza, with the attendance of three “Ka-Lok”, including the well-known artist Carlo Ng Ka-Lok, to share their stories about “Ka-Lok Spirit” which spread love and positivity. (“Ka-Lok” [家樂] in Chinese literally refers to family happiness; “Ka-Lok Spirit” [家樂精神] means to bring happiness to every family)

The theme of this year’s Community Spring Feast is “Family Happiness Every Year”. The Group invited three persons with “Ka Lok” in their first name – So Ka-Lok, Ho Ka-Lok and Carlo Ng Ka-Lok, to share their experience and dream about serving the community.

So Ka-Lok, the make-up artist for elderly expressed that an impressive volunteer experience of putting up make-up on elderly became the driving force for his social service, “I wish to bring happiness to elderly and to build a harmonious society by appealing other people.”

Ho Ka-Lok, the founder of Righteous Rider pointed out that the warmth between people is the most valuable asset in Hong Kong, therefore he hope to see people with strength to stand up and help the needy. “Don’t look down on a little move as it can give hope and miracle in the eyes of the people in need.”

Showing interest in joining Righteous Rider, Carlo Ng Ka-Lok wanted to set a role model for his three kids to be a better person. “The act gives meaning to my hobby – riding motorcycle. As a father of three, I deeply understand parents’ intention to give the best to their children, yet a lot of parents are hindered by the unfavourable factors. I am willing to provide support to them. Everyone in the community should make an effort to step in others’ shoes and recognize the needs of people from all walks of life.” All “Ka-Lok” showed their desire of delivering joyfulness, positivity and hope to Hong Kong for the realization of “Ka-Lok Spirit”.

Peter Lo, Chief Executive Officer of Café de Coral Group expressed, “Café de Coral Twinkle Action aims at consolidating the efforts of social partners to benefit the community. Besides celebrating the Lunar New Year with the people in need, “Community Spring Feast” can show them love and care from the community. We make the best of our extensive branch network to strengthen the ties with the community so as to build long-term cooperation relations with various social partners as a sustainable development strategy.”

Peter Lo, Cliff Choi, HKCSS Business Director, Marilyn Tang, Executive Director of Food Grace and the representatives of the supporting organizations staged the kick-off ceremony with Carlo Ng which marked the opening of the “Community Spring Feast 2019”. The guests put different ingredients into the giant Poon-Choi pot, symbolizing the consolidation of the support from various social partners for bringing love to the grassroots. To show the sincere gratitude, the Group presented souvenirs, which were made by the members of New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, to the representatives.

Right after the Kick-off Ceremony, the first Community Spring Feast was held, welcoming 40 beneficiaries in the Café de Coral fast food store in Festiva, JP Plaza. The feast began with a simple ceremony which promoted food wise culture while the volunteers enjoyed the Poon Choi and took mini quiz games with the participants.

“In Search of Ka-Lok” Programme
To match the theme “Family Happiness Every Year”, Café de Coral Group launches the “In Search of Ka-Lok” Programme, to look for people with “Ka-Lok” in the middle name, who are enthusiastic in contributing to the community and spreading positivity. Stay tuned in Facebook Page of Café de Coral for more details to realize your ideal and construct a harmonious society.

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