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30 Oct 2018

“Let’s Sync Together” Calling musicians for the “2018 Café De Coral Music Station X Hong Kong Arts Centre Open Music Series

The “2018 Café De Coral Music Station X Hong Kong Arts Centre Open Music Series – Sync Together” is a series of exciting concerts, music workshops, public talks and Asia Exchange Tours, to promote local creative music, and nurture a new generation of musicians through an all-rounded music development programme. Curated by famous local musician Kung Chi Shing, the series is co-organised by the Café de Coral Fast Food Limited (Café de Coral) and the Hong Kong Arts Centre (HKAC).

Café de Coral was established in 1968 and has spent 50 years growing together with Hong Kong people. In addition to serving food that can stir happy collective memories among many Hong Kongers, Café de Coral has always strived to create a happy spirit of positive energy in the community. Music also spreads happy feelings, and in 2015 Café de Coral launched the “Café de Coral Music Station” to promote a local music culture, and encourage young people to unleash their musical potential. Café de Coral wanted to empower young people to discover their own inner strengths by immersing themselves in a street music experience.

The HKAC has been collaborating with the well-known local musician and curator Kung Chi Shing to present the “Open Music Series” since 2009. The Series aims to nurture local music talent and promote a music culture. Outdoor music concerts have been organised in different neighborhoods in Hong Kong, bringing a breath of musical fresh air to local communities and encouraging audiences to get involved in local music.

This year, the “2018 Café De Coral Music Station X Hong Kong Arts Centre Open Music Series – Sync Together” is inviting experienced musicians from different sectors to cultivate musicians and develop themselves comprehensively as mentors and judges in an all-rounded programme of activities under a guiding panel. The panelists include Kung Chi Shing, curator of the “Open Music Series”, Mike Orange, guitarist and producer of the indie rock band “Chochukmo”, Teriver Cheung, jazz guitarist and composer, and music critic Yuen Chi Chung.

The one-year programme will be carried out in different stages. A press conference was held today to announce the programme details, and the curator Kung Chi Shing was invited to a sharing session and broadcast a short video from last year’s band winner “GDJYB”.

During the event, Peter Yuen, a Member of the Board of Governors, of the Hong Kong Arts Centre, and the Chairman of the Building Committee, Hong Kong Arts Centre; and Anita Lo, Executive Director of Café de Coral Holdings Limited, together with mentors and judges kicked off the ceremony, for the official launch of the “Musician Recruitment” phase and called for a potential musicians to join the programme. Following the ceremony was the first public talk: “Unleashing the power of Indie Music – What does our scene need?” held today at the HKAC. Starting in November, Mike Orange and Vincy Chan, Teriver Cheung and Jan Curious (the vocalist of Chochukmo) will hold two mini gigs to share their music with the public and allow participants who are interested in joining the programme to interact closely with the judges and prepare well for the selection concert.

After the judges select the final four teams to participate in the concert, a Selection Concert will be held at the Shouson Theatre of HKAC on 12th December 2018. After professional reviews and online and onsite public voting, one final team will be selected as the winner. The winner will receive professional training in musical arrangement, production and vocal music through a series of six music workshops conducted by professional musicians in the half-year programme after the concert. Finally, they will be engaged in the Asia exchange tours to interact with overseas professional musicians by travelling around the world. Through a series of training activities and events, a new generation of musicians will be nurtured with enhanced confidence and stimulated potential. The entire experience will be filmed in the form of a documentary, to witness the whole process of development and the experience of the musicians

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