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6 November 2014


Korean cuisine, movies, TV shows, cosmetics are popular in Hong Kong nowadays, and Korean food has been one of the popular cuisines among Hong Kong people. Cooking MaMa 360 has just opened a new branch in Causeway Bay with a completely new image and concept, featuring a combination of the chef’s innovation and tradition of stylish Korean cuisine, offering a perfect gathering spot especially for the Korea maniacs.

Located on the 2nd floor of Kyoto Plaza in Causeway Bay, the chef’s team has travelled to Korea for several times to appreciate the true taste of Korean local culture. Blending the teams’ innovative ideas into Korean stylish cuisines, this trendy Korean restaurant Cooking MaMa 360 not only offers traditional Korean delicacies such as Korean Jajangmyeo, snacks, fried chicken, noodles, bibimbap (rice), various kinds of Topokki, the not-to-be-missed Budae Jjigae ($238), but also some stylish and innovative dishes, for example, Shake Shake Topokki with Cheese ($48), Baked Curry Topokki with Cheese and Ribs in Puff Pastry ($118), Hong Kong Korean Romance ($58) (Fried Dumplings with imported Korean sauce), and more. Cooking MaMa 360 also carefully selects and imports Korean sauces, Kimchi and Korean Jajangmyeon, sharing a taste of familiar Korea flavours with the customers.

In addition, the drinks offered at Cooking MaMa 360 will definitely bring surprise and delight to its customers. Besides typical Korean drinks like citron honey, juices, Soda-pop ($28), Korean rice wine, Baeseju ($68), it also offers some specialty drinks, such as the Alaska series ($28) and the Soju Slush series ($38).

To let customers indulge in a Korean atmosphere, Cooking MaMa 360 will arrange various gatherings with the theme of Korean beauty, travels, entertainment, music, etc. The restaurant will also invite members of Hong Kong Sinfonietta to perform live K-Pop Classical, making it a perfect choice of a gathering venue filled with Korean pop culture for the Korea maniacs and the youngsters.

Recommended innovative Korean delicacies
Shake Shake Topokki with Cheese ($48) – crispy fried topokki served with Korean cheese powder.

Baked Curry Topokki with Cheese and Ribs in Puff Pastry ($118) – a signature product and a mouth-watering dish of Cooking MaMa 360, the ribs and the topokki are cooked with curry sauce and mozzarella and wrapped by puff pastry.

Korean Fried Chicken and Salad with Citron Vinegar ($98) – cooked with imported Korean seasonings, this juicy spring chicken is tender on the inside but crispy on the outside.

Trendy Korean Drinks
Alaska series ($28) – fruit juices or red bean juice topped with chipped ice decorating like an Alaska snow mountain.

Soju Slush series (Small $38; Large $168) – a popular drink among Korean youngsters nowadays. Soju Slush is mixed with soju, slush, fresh fruits and soda. The taste of fresh fruits perfectly balances the strong alcoholic taste of soju. While Melona Soju ($38) is another must-try drink at Cooking MaMa 360, the melona ice bar is soaked in the drink for customers to enjoy at the same time.

As a perfect hang-out place for the youngsters, Cooking MaMa 360 is committed to bringing opportunities for the youngsters with creativity. Cooperating with a young award-winning illustrator Syrus Kwan, the restaurant will be decorated with some of his drawings of Korean pop stars, which are also available for sale.

Cooking MaMa 360
Address: 2/F, Kyoto Plaza, 491-499 Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay
Number of seats: 98
Opening hours: 11am to 11pm
Tel: 2295 3903


Cooking MaMa 360 setting a perfect gathering place especially for the Korea maniacs with a brand new image Baked Curry Topokki with Cheese and Ribs in Puff Pastry ($118)
Shake Shake Topokki with Cheese ($48) Korean Fried Chicken and Salad with Citron Vinegar ($98)
Budae Jiigae ($238) Korean Rice Wine (Chestnut Flavour) ($78)
Alaska drinks – (Peach Alaska) ($28) Soju Slush drinks – (Strawberry) ($38)

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