Café de Coral

Corporate Information 公司資料 Financial Highlights and Calendar 財務概要及財務日誌 Chairman’s Message 主席獻辭 Business Highlights 業務撮要 Management Discussion and Analysis 管理層討論及分析 Directors and Senior Management 董事及高級管理人員 Corporate Governance Report 企業管治報告 Directors’ Report 董事局報告 Independent Auditor’s Report 獨立核數師報告 2 4 5 8 10 25 33 53 73 Contents 目錄 Consolidated Statement of Financial Position 綜合財務狀況表 Consolidated Income Statement – By Function of Expense 綜合損益表 - 按費用功能分類 Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income 綜合全面收入報表 Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity 綜合權益變動表 Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows 綜合現金流量表 Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements 綜合財務報表附註 Principal Investment Properties 主要投資物業 Five-Year Financial Summary 五年財務概要 81 83 84 85 87 89 213 214