To Our Community

As a responsible corporate citizen, Café de Coral Group recognises the importance of contributing to the communities in which we operate. We believe Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) must be an organic part of our daily operations and incorporated within everything we do. Café de Coral Group’s CSR programme focuses on three areas: Care for the Underprivileged, Environment and Education.

Care for the Underprivileged

The Group’s efforts in this area aim to benefit two underprivileged groups: namely low income families and people who are physically or mentally challenged. In addition to making direct donations to help the needy, the Group also engages its customers in its initiatives in fostering a “caring” culture in the society.

Food Coupon Donation

The Group has been offering complimentary cash coupons for use at our fast food outlets to St. James’ Settlement – People’s Food Bank, Hong Kong Family Welfare Society and Lok Kwan Organisation for the underprivileged families.

In late 2013, the Group has worked with Food Grace on the Café de Coral x Food Grace community food coupons programme. The first phase of the programme has benefitted some 20,000 people and the second phase was launched in July 2014 and over 7,000 people benefited.

“Guide Dogs Welcome” Campaign

In October 2012, the Group is among the first in the industry to announce that its outlets welcome guide dogs which also helped increase the general awareness among people in Hong Kong. All outlets under the Group’s brands continue to warmly welcoming the visually impaired and their guide dogs. The Group works closely with the Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association to promote this meaningful cause for the betterment of the visually impaired.

Employment of the Physically or Mentally Challenged

The Group has been actively providing employment to individuals who are physically or mentally challenged since 1995. In the long-term, it aims to increase the percentage of employees who are physically or mentally challenged in its staff force from 2% to 5%.


Café de Coral Group is committed to protecting the environment and it carries out its own initiatives as well as supporting NGOs’ initiatives. Initiatives include energy-saving measures at outlets, recycling of food waste and cooked oil and recycling of unused lunch boxes and bread to benefit people in need. With its extensive network, the Group also partners with various NGOs to carry out programmes to increase the awareness of the general public of the importance of environmental protection.

Green Monday

In April 2012, Café de Coral Group joined the “Green Monday” campaign as a founding partner. Since then, various brands of the Group have launched “Green Monday” menus making it easier for people to take “baby steps to go green”. Participating brands include Café de Coral fast food, Super Super Congee & Noodles, The Spaghetti House, Oliver’s Super Sandwiches, spaghetti 360°, MIX, Luncheon Star, Shanghai Lao Lao as well as five branches of Asia Pacific Catering. It is estimated that the Group’s effort will help reduce 2,000 tonnes of carbon emission annually in Hong Kong.

Greeners Action

Café de Coral Group has been working with Greeners Action on its “No Leftover” campaign to encourage customers to consume all the food they order in order to reduce waste.


The future rests with the aspiring next generation and we at Café de Coral Group believe that it is vital to nurture talents for the continuous success of the industry and for the betterment of the community as a whole. Through its T.S. LO Education Fund, the Group has been providing financial support to children of its staff who receive tertiary education. The Group is actively looking at extending the support to relevant programmes of Universities and Colleges.


The Café de Coral Volunteers team was set up in 2013 and it has already had more than 100 members. The team provides thoughtful social services to the Hong Kong community.

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