Corporate Overview

Leading through sustainable growth
Café de Coral Group (SEHK: 0341) is one of Asia’s largest publicly listed restaurant and catering groups. We are principally engaged in operating quick-service (QSR) and specialty restaurant chains and have successfully diversified both vertically and horizontally into the institutional catering and food processing business.

The Group was incorporated in October 1968 and went public in July 1986 when we were listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, a first for the local catering industry at that time. In October 2001, we were appointed as one of the top 200 constituents of the Hang Seng Composite Index Series. After almost half a century of development, we are firmly established as a market leader in the Territory’s fast-food industry. Our operations now cover over 330 operating units in Hong Kong and some 120 outlets in Mainland China.

Since first opening our doors for business, we have successfully transformed from a tiny, home-grown enterprise into a giant, diversified multi-national corporation. Our record of continuous business growth over the years speaks for itself and includes multiple achievements in terms of turnover, staff employed and net asset value. With a dedicated team of 17,000, we now eagerly anticipate many more years of healthy growth.

Hong Kong’s market leader

Quick Service Restaurants
In Hong Kong, Café de Coral is the undisputed market leader in the fast-food sector, servicing some 300,000 customers daily. While we emphasise quality dishes at affordable prices, we are also pioneers in offering new choices. With over 100 popular dishes we draw upon, our daily menus are regularly rotated to ensure optimum variety.

In addition to our flagship Café de Coral operations, we are actively developing other brands to boost our long-term growth in Hong Kong’s competitive Chinese QSR arena. Super Super Congee & Noodles and Mixian Sense are two of the other strategic brands with which we are now tapping into this mass market.

Fast Casual Restaurants
We are one of the first companies to forecast the huge potential of Hong Kong’s fast casual dining market. We have subsequently established several brands to cater for the needs of the Territory’s rapidly expanding market of health-conscious dining. Acquired in 2003, Oliver’s Super Sandwiches’s hugely popular “made-to-order” snacks, salads and selected hot dishes are well received by customers. In penetrating Hong Kong’s high-end coffee market, we established a joint venture in 2007 to operate an exclusive franchise under the espressamente illy brand.

Specialty Restaurants
Over the years, we have expanded beyond our core business of QSRs and met the needs of other consumer segments by diversifying into full-service specialty restaurants. Our 1991 development of The Spaghetti House and recent opening of 360 Series and PizzaStage eateries are two major developments in this area. Both brands ensure that we maintain our position at the forefront of the specialty segment by continuing to tempt diners with still more appetising options.

Catering for institutions
In the early 1990s, we began making strides into the institutional catering business with the launch of Asia Pacific Catering. The brand has since developed into an undisputed leader in its market, serving many major clients across a wide spectrum of institutions such as major hospitals, universities and both private and public corporations.

In September 1999, we entered the student catering business with the introduction of the Luncheon Star brand. It has subsequently grown to become one of Hong Kong’s largest school lunch providers. In providing children with healthier choices of school meals, Luncheon Star consistently emphasises food safety, sensible eating habits and sustainability. In doing so, its expert buying teams select quality ingredients purchased worldwide, its expert dieticians carefully devise delicious, nutritious menus and its chefs harness advanced “cook-chill” technologies. The company is also the first school lunch provider in the Territory to adopt comprehensive environmental protection measures, such as leftover management and recycling.

The Café de Coral Group leads as probably Hong Kong’s most stringent specialist caterer in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and safety standards. To date, our operations have been simultaneously accredited with “HACCP”, “ISO 9001”, “ISO 14001” and the strictest “ISO 22000” food safety and monitoring system – another first in the Hong Kong school catering industry.

Food Processing
Having consistently recognised that a strong Central Food Processing Centre was crucial for our success as a catering group, we have been centrally processing food locally since the 1980s. With state-of-the-art technologies, the facility enables streamlined standardisation of food quality and ensures total control over an ever-increasing volume and range of products and ingredients.

Much of the food sold in our restaurants is portioned and processed at this facility. All produce, ingredients and packaging materials undergo strict hygiene and safety checks on arrival, before processing and distribution to individual restaurants.

After many years of reliable service, our original food processing plant has recently been upgraded to a 140,000-square foot state-of-the-art centre in Tai Po. Capable of supporting over 300 local outlets, the new facility has been operating since April 2013. The launch of this new Central Food Processing Centre will measurably enhance our control of food quality and overall productivity.

Mainland China expansion

Quick Service Restaurants
After years of development, we are proud that the Café de Coral name is now a success in virtually all major Pearl River Delta (PRD) cities. Leveraging our proven business platform and brand, we opened a large Central Food Processing Centre in Guangzhou in 2011. In addition to supporting some 300 outlets across the region, the facility boasts multi-purpose training facilities that are successfully equipping staff to make further advances in this competitive market.

Specialty Restaurants
Mainland China’s burgeoning Specialty Restaurant sector is another important market for us. Capitalising on our success in Hong Kong, we have already begun expanding The Spaghetti House across almost all top-tier cities in the Pearl River Delta.

Catering for institutions
Our Mainland China teams are also strengthening their efforts to pursue business opportunities with institutional clients in science parks, modern office complexes and the educational sector. Successes to date include a student and staff canteen with a total area of 2,740 square metres which is run by our Asia Pacific Catering (China) subsidiary.

Food Manufacturing and Distribution
Our 1997 acquisition of the Scanfoods brand was a strategic step to deliver on our promise of taking our activities in integrating food manufacturing and distribution in Greater China to the next level. One of Hong Kong’s leading processed meat suppliers, Scanfoods owns a 40,000-square foot production base in Dongguan. From here, it processes and distributes ham, sausages and bacon products to institutional customers all over Hong Kong and Mainland China.

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